martes, 9 de diciembre de 2008


In this series I was engaged with joining imaginary walls, constructing small pieces of wearable architecture, which conjure passed times: living to see, experiencing and living together.
The “Casitecturas” become receptacles of feelings and impressions.
Small labyrinths of the memory, which invite to imaginary interior walks.
Halls, windows and walls, constituting altogether a whole building and communicating with each other at the same time. Floors that have been trodden thousands of times until getting worn out. Walls , whose ornaments and decorations have been changing as the years passed by, creating layers of colours, of silhouettes, whose shadows are still perceptible, one upon the other kike the memories. Rooms with windows looking outward, allowing to watch outer changes from the protecting inside. Windows, that permit daylight to fall in, windows, that have been crossed for thousands of times by pensive looks.
Terraces, inner and outer space at the same time, airy inner yards, which relieve the feeling of being locked in.
Symbolic rooms, worn as brooches on the body, become metaphors by changing the roles. The body, who usually is the guest in a room, shelters the room. The room, whose function is protection, becomes itself a protective amulet.

Silvia Walz 2008

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